Whos Responsible?!

Who's responsible for all this hoity toity, mumbo jumbo?!
Me! I'm Rae. Hi!

Macaroni & Chloe
(Guess who's who. Haha!)

Here are things I like:

Rain, cats, pistachio icecream, good music, zombies and horror flicks, cooking, f-arting (freelance arting), reading, macaroni and clam chowder, Halloween, funny people, Jon Stewart, and my hubby (J).

Dislikes include:

Driving and drivers, stinky people, loud people, short people, ketsup, allergies, heights, pea soup, math, and humidity.

I'm into mail art and art journaling. Really anything that's got texture to it. I love the idea of mixing media to create shiny, touchable, colorful things. I've never done any swaps or round robins, though the idea does  interest me.

Tools of the trade include: Ink, oil pastels, chalk, color and watercolor pencils, sharpie and other markers including metallic, stamps, various glues and sealants, glitter, paint, embossing powders, ribbons, metal wire, lace, and papers.

Contact me!

I love comments. They make me excited so feel free to lay on the love. You may also contact me via email:  passingtimeuntil @ gmail.com