Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fire on the Hills of Los Angeles

I made this post earlier and it mysteriously vanished, so here it is again. Condensed.

If you've been in Southern California over the summer you know what I'm talking about. LA goes up in smoke at least once, but usually more. While this journal page wasn't initially dedicated to that little useless bit of information, it sort of turned into that. I didn't like how it looked when I was working on it (some time around 3 AM when J was still on the night shift) but after some sleep and sunlight I took another look. Its my favorite for now. We'll see what time brings :)

I used Oil pastels, printed papers, embossing powder, ink, gold and sharpie marker, and lots of other stuff I'm probably not remembering right now. Here are pictures. Please enjoy. :D

Here its almost finished, I just added some writing on the sides for the last version.

If I coul do this over I'd take more time with the writing. Ah well, eh?

Yummy embossing!

Chloe helps keep my journal weighted down.

And the final product! See the red roads running up the sides and the orange flame leaping up from behind the mountains? Mmm, pretty colors. I want to roll around in them.

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