Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rain! and Asian food.

Its raining again and I'm all giddy and excited. Its got a Christmas feel to it for me - if that makes any sense. I want to run around in my sandals splashing in puddles. :-)

Rain aside, I have been experimenting with cooking asian cusine. So far I've made: Spinach Mushrooms and Tofu in Clear Broth , Cashew Chicken , and Miso Soup with Kombu and Katsuo Dashi mmmm, so yummy!

If you're going to make any of these and have cats I would suggest guarding your fish flakes and or wearing metal pants because little Macaroni just about crawled up my leg when I opened them.

For some reason there is no asian (aside from Japanese and indian) food out where I live and mine never tasted like what it should when I made it until now. The Dashi broth and the oyster sauce is so worth it. It gives it that yummy authentic taste. Go get some, you wont be sorry!

I have some mixed media cards I want to share. Literal playing cards. They're some of my favorite work. Will upload sneak peak soon!


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